Bouncer Fired For Downing A Burger During Peter Murphy Show

There aren’t too many professions that are universally hated as much as club, concert and festival bouncers. At the same time, few would argue that they’ve got a pretty difficult job dealing with boozed and aggro punters whilst just trying to keep the crowd safe.

So, would you blame a bouncer for taking a minute to have a break and chow down during a show?

Former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy was apparently so annoyed when he observed a bouncer scoffing down a burger and fries during his show on Friday that he had the man removed from the venue.

The Boston Globe reports that Murphy stopped the show to go and speak to the bouncer about eating too close to the stage. According to a longtime fan of Murphy’s music the confrontation threatened to turn violent before the security guard was removed, and later fired.

“They nearly got into a physical altercation,” said Cambridge resident Emily Taylor. “[The guard] got pissed at Peter Murphy. You don’t escalate the problem if you’re working security at a venue. You just don’t.”

A representative for the Middle East Nightclub told The Boston Globe that not only was the hungry guard fired, but another seccy who was involved in the incident had been suspended.

Murphy has something of a chequered history with the law himself. He was charged back in 2013 in a hit-and-run case.

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