Brain Snap For Bad Brains, Did They Or Didn’t They Steal Artwork?

After 9 releases in total, it’s looking as though punk rock icons Bad Brains’ minds are starting to slip a little. According to The Music Network, the band’s newest album artwork has stepped on a few toes, mainly those of the band that they potentially ripped off.

Update 27/11: We’ve been notified that the artwork was inspired by the 1933 stamp you see below, and not by any artwork used for Lorenzo’s album. Our understanding is that the stamp artwork is in the public domain, and that they were completely unaware that the same inspiration had been used for any other album art.

Lorenzo’s Music – a name you’re probably going to hear more of now – claim that the album art designed for Bad Brains’ album Into the Future is “LITERALLY an upside-down version of the album art from our first EP”. Take a look at the sample below; they do raise a compelling point.

Lorenzo’s Music have explained that their material, both music and artwork, are subject to CC-BY-SA licensing. This means that their work can be used, and built on in other projects, within limits as long as the 2nd party accredits them. It would appear that Bad Brains have not accredited the band, and are yet to issue any explanation.

Lorenzo’s Music don’t seem too bothered by the situation, but are probably keen on more info as to how they inspired a Bad Brains’ album art.

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