Briggs & Courtney Barnett Interviewed Each Other, And It Was The Cutest

Musicians and self-professed introverts Briggs and Courtney Barnett put their musical differences aside and interviewed each other for the latest episode of the ABC‘s Meet The Mavericks series, and oh boy was it cute.

The episode, which you can watch clips of below, saw Briggs and Barnett sit down at Melbourne’s Paris Cat Jazz Club for a few drinks while discussing music, life, fame and what it’s like being an introvert in the often OTT music industry.

The cutest bit of all came when Barnett asked Briggs, “Do you think it’s a weird concept though that we write all our feelings and [are] slightly introverted and get on stage and pull them out to strangers? It’s a funny idea when you say it out loud.”

To which Briggs replied, “I’ve found nearly all the people I meet in the industry — comedy and music — a lot of them are the same. That’s their art — their performance — and that’s where they are that person. So off stage they’re somebody else.”

The pair then agreed that they both do what they do because they’re “idiots”, and even joked about a possible collab album titled Hope Factory.

Elsewhere, they spoke about their introversive tendencies. “I’m a pretty introverted kind of person, like I live by myself and I like my alone time,” Briggs said.

Speaking about the time she performed on Ellen in the US, Barnett said, “It was a pretty strange thing to digest, I think. I remember before those shows I was more nervous than I’ve ever been in my life. I couldn’t remember the words. They seemed to be relating to it, which is really positive, and I think that’s the beauty of sharing personal stories.”

Watch a bunch of clips from the episode below, and the full thing right here.

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