Briggs Gives Powerful Statement On Police Brutality In Australia

Briggs has taken to social media today to stand in solidarity with the protesters in America, saying he can empathise because Australia has its own history of police brutality.

“I empathise with the protesters in the USA,” he wrote.

“I watched the video of that police officer flagrantly killing George Floyd in front of an audience.

“I empathise with the protesters because Australia has its own history of police brutality and indigenous deaths in custody. There have been more than 400 Indigenous deaths in custody, and not a single conviction.”

“I empathise with the protesters,” he continued, “because, like America, Australia was founded on White supremacy, and built its wealth on the murder, rape and slavery of its Indigenous people.”

“Australia parades this idea of “The Lucky Country”; but their Luck is our disposession. Their Luck is our Death. Their Luck is our Trauma. Their Luck is our Grief.”

He ended his statement with the simple “No Justice, No Peace.”

His statement follows an outcry from around the world against police brutality in America, following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin.

Various labels and artists in the music industry are planning a blackout for tomorrow, in an effort to “reconnect with our community.”

Read Briggs’ statement below.

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