Bring Me The Horizon Get Their Very Own Fart Parody

We here at Music Feeds love a good fart joke as much as the next man – unless the next man is Guy First. Having carved out a niche for himself composing hand crafted and ‘hand farted’ covers of songs, his art-form has reached its zenith with his latest work, a ‘hand fart’ littered cover of Bring Me The Horizon‘s Can You Feel My Heart, re-titled as Can You Smell My Fart.

Putting together the track and accompanying video for Metal Sucks, this is the first time First has matched one of his musical offerings with visual accompaniment and he’s gone all out. The tatted up and bushy haired singer he’s brought in is a top notch Oli Sykes stand in, and the band’s headbanging dance moves in the clip get full points for heavy music mimicry.

The rest of the clip is a little more bizarre, with a distressed Dominos pizza delivery man fleeing from a diminutive Darth Vader. It’s not that simple though, as matching with the parody’s underpinning themes, the master of the Dark Side of ‘The Farts’ is trying to fart in the poor guy’s face, holding him hostage and piling on malodorous toppings to increase his torment. There’s also a Shyamalan-style twist, but I’ll leave you to guess what that is.

It’s the lyrics that are the real stars here though, the song opening with such timeless poetry as “can you hear the flatus / can you pass the gas / can you breathe this torment / can you smell / can you smell my fart?”. It doesn’t stop there though, with other highlights including “the louder it gets / the less it will stink / I can’t seem to tell/ if it’s a shart or just wind” not to mention my personal favourite “I long for releasing this anal applause”. Move over Bob Dylan, a new king of lyricism is in the house.

Anyway you can watch this video in all its flatulent glory here below, with the original posted below for comparison… you know, for science.

Guy First – Can You Smell My Fart

Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart

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