Bring Me The Horizon Begin Work On New Album At ‘Top Secret Studio Location’

Hailing from the normally very peaceful town of Sheffield, England, Deathcore turn Metalcore outfit Bring Me the Horizon have arguably become one of the biggest names in metal, ever. Whether or not you enjoy them, the band has scored millions of fans the world over and have now revealed that they have begun work on album number 4.

The release will follow the hugely successful 2010 release There Is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is a Heaven Lets Keep It a Secret. Though it was their two previous albums, Count Your Blessings and Suicide Seasons that really did the heavy lifting in terms of earning the band a strong following.

With each release the band steps further away from their deathcore origins, with much of There Is a Hell being almost soft rock. NME reported that the band declared the release will be a post-rock album. Aussie Ex-pat Jona Weinhofen [lead guitar] explained that “Lee [Malia, Guitar] and I are listening to a lot of post-rock lately. It might sound strange, but we listen to this laid-back, epic music and think ‘If this was heavy – if we made metal out of this kind of music – it would be exactly what we want to sound like”.

Though just because it’s less heavy doesn’t mean it’s any less good: fans remain undeterred and continue to buy merch, albums and tickets in record numbers. The band recently took to their social networks to unload images of them in a ‘secret studio location’. No one knows where, or why, but it does make sense, the band is the Justin Bieber of Metal and would have scores of teens screaming if they could find the band. Check out the pics below.

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