Bring Me The Horizon Bring The Rock With Monster New ‘Happy Song’

Bring Me The Horizon have just unleashed a monstrous new rock anthem, dubbed Happy Song, off their soon-to-be-announced fifth studio album.

Like the band’s most recent single Drown, the tune will no doubt divide longtime fans already dismayed by what seems to be the metalcore giant’s sudden yellow-brick quest for mainstream crossover appeal.

Happy Song is a throbbing, chugging rock belter, more Royal Blood than Sempiternal, laced with a Pink Floydian style children’s choir and a car radio-friendly chorus.

While Bring Me The Horizon’s transition from classic metalcore to something more commercial-sounding is no doubt going to cause growing pains for plenty of their core fanbase, it’s also going to open them up to a whole new legion of fans across the entire planet, who will hear this song played on mainstream radio.

I’m calling it as I see it: Bring Me The Horizon are in the midst of launching an aggressive bid to become the biggest and most relevant heavy rock band in the world.

And if Happy Song and Drown are anything to go by, they’ve got all the weapons they need in their arsenal to achieve it.

At any rate, their new album should be an interesting one.

As always, we’ll keep you posted with any updates as they occur. But for now, feast your eardrums on the ridiculously singable Happy Song, below.

Listen: Bring Me The Horizon – Happy Song

Happy Song Artwork

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