Bring Me The Horizon’s Jordan Fish Says The Band Is “Not Really Accepted By The Metal Community”

Last weekend, Bring Me The Horizon performed at the iconic Glastonbury Festival.

Whilst doing a bunch of press backstage, Jordan Fish and Matt Kean of BMTH sat down with NME’s Andrew Trendell to chat their love of Kylie Minogue, what’s wrong with most festivals and their appearance at a festival like Glastonbury that historically doesn’t book metal bands.

The band haven’t put out a metal record on some time. Fish talked about the band’s transition away from metal, saying that they’re “kind of ‘false metal’.”

Fish continued, “We’re not really accepted by the metal community I don’t reckon, so we’re just kind of doing our own thing I think.”

Kean added, “It’s good that we have these songs in our set where they are quite heavy, and it might not be what a lot of these people are used to – but then we’ve got songs that are more probably to what these people listen to as well, you know. We kinda can show them all different sides of us. I think a lot of people are a lot more open-minded in these kinds of festivals.”

Bring Me The Horizon last toured Australia in April after having to reschedule due to frontman, Oli Sykes, battling some health issues.

They only released their sixth record amo at the end of January, and in May, they began teasing new music.

You can view the interview in full below.

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