Bring Me The Horizon Unleash Creepy ‘Throne’ Video, More Album Details

Bring Me The Horizon’s transition from metalcore to mainstream is complete with their new single Throne.

The song, the first official single off the band’s newly announced album That’s The Spirit has taken the delicate line that BMTH have been treading between their musical roots and a more mainstream rock sound and catapulted right over it into straight-up Linkin Park territory. But whether or not that’s a good or bad thing is entirely in the ear of the beholder.

The music video for Throne, directed by frontman Oli Sykes, features a lot of creepy, surreal imagery which seems to be one-part Game Of Thrones and one-part demonic hell nightmare, but the song itself is pure radio rock.

“It’s one of the most simple and straightforward songs we did,” keyboardist Jordan Fish tells Rolling Stone.

“It’s got some elements we had on the last album with an up-tempo rhythm and really strong melodies. So it seemed like an obvious choice for the first single because it’s so immediately catchy and has such a good level of energy.”

Fish, the band’s newest member, is probably at least partly to thank (or blame, whichever you feel is most appropriate) for adding the new sonic elements, such as electronic passages, to the Bring Me The Horizon mix. But, as he explains, the band’s transition to a more commercial-friendly sound has been a natural one.

“We don’t listen to extreme deathcore anymore,” he explains. “We still like some heavy music, but I also like Justin Bieber. My wife told me the other day I have the music taste of a teenage girl.”

As to how fans will react to the band’s new direction, Fish says: ”Every time we release an album there’s always a bit of resistance. You just have to have faith in yourself and be proud of what you’ve made and hope that eventually people come around to it.”

As previously reported on Music Feeds, Bring Me The Horizon’s new album That’s The Spirit, the follow-up to 2013’s Sempiternal, will be released worldwide on September 11th.

The official tracklisting has just been unveiled, revealing that the album will include previously released gems Drown and Happy Song in addition to Throne and eight other tracks.

Check out the official music video for Throne and full album tracklisting, below.

Watch: Bring Me The Horizon – Throne

That’s The Spirit – Official Tracklisting

1. Doomed

2. Happy Song

3. Throne

4. True Friends

5. Follow You

6. What You Need

7. Avalanche

8. Run

9. Drown

10. Blasphemy

11. Oh No

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