British Legend Wins Lotto, Uses Riches To Open A Record Store

What would you do with $290 million dollars?

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If you’re anything like us, then you probably didn’t even realise that such a gratuitous sum of money existed, let alone imagined that it could one day be yours.

But that’s exactly what happened to UK man Adrian Bayford, who pocketed the second-biggest jackpot in British history after winning £148 million in the Euromillions Lotto back in 2012.

And as if that didn’t make him enough of a winner, he’s also used some of his booty to open a second-hand record store in the east-English suburb of Cambridge.

As Stoney Roads reports, Black Barn Records deals in second hand vinyl as well as music and movie memorabilia.

“Unlike a lot of the national chains who sell you what they want to sell we cater to what people actually want,” Bayford told Cambridge News.

“Not everyone wants to buy online, we offer a unique experience in the shop, catering from eight-year-olds to 80-year-olds,” he said.

And it’s not the first lavish music-related purchase that the cashed-up lad has splashed out on since rolling the Yahtzee.

Earlier this year he picked up over £10,000 worth of Lady Gaga merch and a rare photo of The Beatles, signed by John Lennon right before he died.

So obviously he has eclectic taste.

But what this whole thing proves more than anything is that even a heavyset, bald, middle-aged man can achieve hipster status, if the price is right.

Here’s a photo of old mate celebrating the grand opening of his new vinyl emporium by holding up two Storm Trooper heads because fuck-you-I’m-a-multimillionaire-I-do-what-I-want:

Multi-millionaire Adrian Bayford

Image via Twitter.

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