Britney Spears Puts Former Business Management Firm On Blast

Britney Spears has threatened to take action against her former business management firm, TriStar Sports & Entertainment.

In a series of now deleted Instagram posts, the singer specifically put Tri Star’s head Lou Taylor and 2IC Robin Greenhill on blast. Early in her career, Britney’s father Jamie Spears employed Tri Star to handle the singer’s growing success and business affairs.

This week, Spears has said her father ‘worshipped’ Taylor and Greenhill.

Before ‘they sent me away’, TriStar is alleged to have invited Britney to their offices for a meeting to suck up to her.

“The swanky suited up bitches … SO NICE with their “We are here to make you feel SPECIAL” [thumbs up emoji] !!!!” she wrote.

“I had lunch with Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill … they said ‘Britney, look at your picture on the wall!’ With a huge black and white framed picture in the hall of their office !!!!! Kate Beckinsale was there too !!!!! They sucked up to me and ‘made me feel special’ … RIGHT …. Ha those same b—-es killed me a week later !!!!”

“Nobody else would have lived through what they did to me !!!” Spears concluded. “I lived through all of if and I remember all of it !!!! I will sue the s— out of Tri Star !!!! Psss they got away with all of it and I’m here to warn them every day of my precious life !!!!”

Since the post was first published (and now deleted), TriStar’s legal team told Billboard that the claims were ‘entirely false as well as highly offensive, damaging and unacceptable’.

Britney’s relationship with Lou Taylor and TriStar in general have been exposed as the singer’s controversial conservatorship proceedings have been publicised through the #FreeBritney movement.

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