Bronze Lemmy Statue Erected At One Of His Favourite LA Spots

A large, hard Lemmy statue has been unveiled at one of the late Motorhead frontman’s favourite LA spots the Rainbow Bar & Grill.

The erection fills a massive void left by the untimely departure of the rocker who was described by the iconic venue owners as “a fixture here.”

The statue was made possible by die-hard fan Katon De Pena, who despite only meeting Lemmy once at the back back in the 90s, was determined to get the project across the line. After scoring the blessings of the Maglieri family, who own the joint, De Pena crowdsourced a cheeky $22,000 to fund the effigy strongly confirming that this is what the people want.

“I’m just a big fan,” he told Noisey, speaking to him about the statue.

“For me it was about, this is someone I look up to and I want to do something for him…It’s beautiful when you think about the bar and the history and the fans. It was all fans who paid for this. I think that speaks a lot of Lemmy.”

Local artist Travis Moore was tagged to sculpt the thing, going to great lengths to ensure the likeliness was spot on.

“We had to get opinions of Lemmy’s best friends, his management people and his widow (girlfriend), because it has to look like him. I even went and talked to the guy that made his boots.”

Of course, the statue was unveiled to hundreds of cheering fans stoked that their god has now been immortalised in bronze.

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