Bruce Springsteen Thinks Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Is An “Amazing Creation”

Bruce Springsteen has revealed that he’s a fan of Kanye West‘s The Life Of Pablo and also gushed about some of his other favourite modern artists.

West’s The Life Of Pablo, released last year, was a somewhat messy record. Its release was delayed after it was launched during a Yeezy fashion show at Madison Square Garden, and West edited it while it was live on streaming services, even adding tracks.

“I thought that was an amazing creation, especially the arrangements,” The Boss told Variety about the record.

It’s not the first time that he’s waxed lyrical about Yeezy either. Back in 2014 he told NPR, “Kanye West is incredible”.

Springsteen also gave his opinion on other artists saying that he’s also a fan of Lana Del Rey.

“I love her, especially the extended version of her first record [“Born to Die: The Paradise Edition”],” he said.

He also thinks Sufjan Stevens is “great” and while he wouldn’t listen to it of his own accord, he can appreciate what Taylor Swift is doing.

“[Swift’s] audience experiences her songwriting very, very personally, and I think she’s speaking to a large part of them very personally,” he said, talking about witnessing one of her shows with his daughter.

“As far as craft, [her songs are] really, really well-built and well-made; they’re very, very sturdy, and the records are too. I admire the modern record-making craft and modern songwriting. It’s not necessarily something I’m driving around listening to in my car 24-7 — I’m too old, I tend to listen to older music.”

We’re doubting whether he is “too old” given he’s a fan of Kanye, Lana and Sufjan. Sounds like he’s got a pretty updated playlist.

Springsteen turned 68 this year and is still touring the world extensively.

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