Buckle Up Australia: Early 2017 Is Reportedly Packing “The Biggest Run Of Concerts You’ve Seen… Ever”

Be still our hungry hearts: it looks a helluva lot like Bruce Springsteen is plotting an Australian tour for early next year.

And he’s not the only one: Frontier Touring head honcho and legendary Aussie promoter Michael Gudinski has just revealed that February and March are cumulatively packing “the biggest run of concerts you’ve seen in Melbourne EVER” (!), which by default should mean the rest of Australia (or at least the East Coast) as well.

Gudinski stopped by for a chat with Triple M’s Hot Breakfast crew this week to tease a “massive February and March of rock”, which – it seems – will include a 2017 Springsteen tour.

When pressed for info about The Boss’s plans to return Down Under following his mammoth tour in 2014, the promoter said he recently caught Springsteen & The E Street Band playing a near-4 hour show in Venice.

“I can’t break a story but I did go over there… I was over there working and he loves Australia and ah…”

Then, after host Mick Malloy mentioned Springsteen’s last performance at Victoria’s Hanging Rock, Gudinski volunteered: “Let me tell you, let me tell you, he finished the tour at Hanging Rock, and um, pretty hard to come to Hanging Rock in early February without doing the rest of Australia so we’ll see what happens in the next few days.”

*Cue cheers from Malloy & co*

The Ms later tweeted: “That was an interesting visit from Michael Gudinski – we’ve been warmed up to expect a MASSIVE February/March of rock! #TheBoss”

It’s been taken as a straight-up tour confirmation, however it looks like we won’t see an official announcement arrive for a few weeks yet.

“Calm down & sit down Australian Springsteen fans, there’ll be no announcement today (Frontier say),” tweeted Fairfax music guru Bernard Zuel. “Probably not for a few weeks (I say).”

Zuel also posted the full transcript of Gudinski’s interview with MMM, in which the promoter also alluded to Guns N’ Roses coming our way (GNR have already been hotly tipped to be bringing their Not In This Lifetime reunion tour Down Under early next year).

Very. Interesting. Indeed.

Other big name acts that it’s expected (or at least desperately hoped) will make Aussie tour announcements imminently include Richie Sambora, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Adele.

Brace yourselves: the tour announcements are coming.

Read the full interview transcript below and try not to soil your britches.

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