You Can Finally DJ With A Pizza Box Just Like You’ve Always Wanted To

Remember when you were a kid and you could use your imagination to make musical instruments out of just about anything you could find?

Yeah, well, you’re not a kid anymore but thankfully Pizza Hut is helping reignite those possibilities by taking the imagination part out of it and simply creating an instrument out of a pizza box.

Pizza Hut in the UK have designed a pizza box that doubles as DJ decks meaning you can cater for a party and also start the party simply with a box.

Obviously, this is no regular box. It’s been created by printed electronics specialist Novalia and, as FactMag reports, features a DJ setup including two decks, pitch control, volume control and crossfader.

It syncs with your computer or phone via Bluetooth and connects to any DJ software that is compatible with MIDI instruments.

There’s an instructional video that makes it looks pretty easy to use but unfortunately they’re not available for Aussie pizza lovers/DJs yet. We can only hope it happens soon.

What a time to be alive.

Watch: Learn How To Use The First Playable Pizza Box

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