Canberra Promoter Cops Almighty Backlash For “Gross” Facebook Comment About All-Male Lineup

UPDATE 12/04/17: The ANU Union has gone against the promoter of its controversial ‘Finale’ show, and is calling for acts of all genders to join the lineup.

UPDATE 11/04/17: Regurgitator Pull Out Of Controversial Canberra Show As Promoter Defends All-Male Lineup

ORIGINAL STORY: Canberra’s historic ANU Bar is celebrating 60 years of live music with one final gig before it gets turned into rubble, an epic-looking “finale” festival headlined by the one and only Regurgitator.

Sadly, however, its pre-demolition soiree has been overshadowed by an ugly spat that’s erupted on social media over the show’s all-male lineup.

It all started when one punter commented on the event’s official Facebook page questioning the lack of “women and non-binary performers on the lineup”.

Promoter and local gear hire company Green Room responded to the query and hoooooo boy. Those easily offended may do best to look away:

17886727_1919545071665735_990794572_o (1)

Needless to say, the promoter’s “terrible” reply has caused the shit to hit the fan in a big way, and the event’s Facebook page has been blowing up ever since with outraged punters expressing their — well — outrage.




While plenty of others have decided to boycott the bash in response to the promoter’s “gross” views:


Comments2leaving comment

Following this almighty backlash, Green Room posted once again with a lengthier comment attempting to rationalise their all-male lineup, and what played out next was basically a case study on the fight for gender equality in the Australian music industry:

Green Room comment

green room add

Pro Gaz

last one

green room 3

I was tempted to post the old Michael-Jackson-eating-popcorn-gif at the end of this, but somehow this whole social media shitshow has been way more spiritually draining than it has been entertaining.

Therefore here’s a link to some of the latest info on the gender gap in the Australian music industry, and here’s a gif of a happy orangutan bottle-feeding a tiger cub:


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