Caribou Releases Puppy-Filled Video For New Single ‘You Can Do It’

Dan Snaith is back with new music under the Caribou moniker. The project’s brand new single, ‘You Can Do It’, comes with a delicious, puppy filled music video.

Do you like upbeat, positive dance music? And do you like puppies? Then, by jove, do we have a treat for you. Caribou’s new single is an idealised example of the former, while its Richard Kenworthy-directed music video features dogs of all breeds running wild and catching frisbees.

After the IDM, soul and hip hop influences of last year’s Suddenly album, Snaith harks back to the Italo house and Balearic sounds of the 1990s for ‘You Can Do It’. The track includes crispy, staccato pianos, a repetitious vocal sample—”you can do it” looped ad infinitum—and a general sense of uplift.

However, in typical Caribou style, ‘You Can Do It’ gradually collects some more psychedelic sounds, forgoing the obvious heavy dance ending in favour of a cheery synth line and a chorus of “do it”s.

The video, meanwhile, speaks for itself. Check it out below. You can do it.

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