Carlos D Quit Interpol Partly Because He Was Bored By A Coldplay Performance

Former Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler quit the band just after the release of their self-titled fourth album in 2010 and has only just spoken-out for the first time, attributing the decision to an “identity shift” realised after being bored by Coldplay.

According to Dengler, who has since dipped his toes into the world of acting, the decision was made after Interpol were offered tickets to a filming of Saturday Night Live hosted by Jon Hamm and featuring Coldplay as the musical guests.

“I felt so much titillation and excitement over all the skits…and looking at how they were being performed,” he told Bedford & Bowery.

“And then when Coldplay came on, I felt bored, quite frankly. I knew then that there was something going on with me, some kind of identity shift, really. It really troubled me.”

It was this that made him realise that it was acting that made him tick and since then he’s been taking improv lessons, has auditioned for shows and recently landed roles in Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily.

He’s not placing all the blame on Coldplay though. “I was not really mentally all that well while I was in Interpol,” he said.

“I had many substance and process addictions that I was coping with. And I was, you know, the classic VH1 Behind the Music story of upward rise and downward fall. The only difference was that – because I didn’t have such a good relationship with my bandmates – I wasn’t willing to be in the band with them while I experienced my crash.”

Dengler also revealed that he hasn’t spoken to vocalist Paul Banks or or drummer Sam Fogarino while he’s seen guitarist Daniel Kessler a few times.

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