Carlton Dry Take On A Christmas Classic With Refreshing New Jingle ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer’

By and large, Christmas songs tend to take a fairly rose-tinted view of the holiday season, adulations to festive joy that belie the stressful, chaotic situation that many of us experience during the time.

As such, the Carlton Dry Christmas Orchestra have taken it upon themselves to deliver ‘The Most Wonderful Time for a Beer’; a deceptively upbeat tune which captures the Christmas season warts and all, with convivial crooning about car park traffic jams, last-minute shopping, and the inevitable fights on the big day around politics and religion with your “racist aunt”.

A cheeky take on the Christmas classic made popular by Andy Williams back in the ’60s, Carlton is intent on dethroning pop legend Mariah Carey‘s much-lauded ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ from its title as reigning champion of the holidays – taking aim at its bubbly refrains which stand in stark contrast to the realities of Christmastime.

Their objective? Knock Carey’s beloved holiday track from the number one position on Spotify Australia’s streaming charts in the week approaching Christmas.

“We know there are plenty of Aussies out there who aren’t terribly stoked about Christmas and are getting a touch over listening to the same songs about a ‘perfect’ Christmas every year,” explains Carlton Dry Associate Director Hayden Turner.

“This song is for them. And in the spirit of some healthy Christmas competition, we’ve made it our only Christmas wish to dismantle Queen Mariah’s throne, even just for one day.”

Watch the video for ‘The Most Wonderful Time for a Beer’ below, and head here to stream it on Spotify.

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