CeeLo Green Changed ‘Jessie’s Girl’ To ‘Jay Z’s Girl’ As A Strange Ode To Beyoncé

CeeLo Green has pulled a number of stunts this week which means we’re talking about the former Gnarls Barkley singer once again.

First he pulled up to the Grammys in by far the strangest outfit of the day, introducing his new alter-ego Gnarly Davidson, and now he’s released an ode to Beyoncé.

Like the rest of the world, CeeLo is obsessed with Queen Bey but he’s chosen to express it by covering Rick Springfield’s Jessie’s Girl, changing it to Jay Z’s Girl.

“Jay Z is the king,” he sings before continuing, “And I’m probably his biggest fan/ But there’s a feeling inside that I’m sure he’d understand/ I’m in love with Bey and I wanna be her man.”

It’s kind of endearing but the video, featuring a younger CeeLo just makes it all a bit too creepy.

The internet is now freaking out with some worried for Bey’s safety and others just perplexed as to why this even exists.

Anyway, below is something that you probably really don’t need to see but you’re going to click play anyway. Aren’t you?

Watch: CeeLo Green – ‘Jay Z’s Girl’

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