The Chainsmokers Are Being Roasted For A Very DNM Tweet

Usually you save your emotional tweets for DMs but The Chainsmokers have served up a very emotional public tweet and they’re being roasted for it.

The EDM duo gave their followers a very intense tweet that included things like, “nobody is fucking happy.” The tweet further touched on everything from drugs to religion and concluded with, “you wanna know the fucking truth? Go find it.”

They later clarified that they didn’t write it, saying, “Some of it is a little aggressive and don’t agree with all of it but at the core a pretty dope message.”

The damage was already done though with Twitter taking them to task for the post which is being likened to a, “14 yo girl on tumblr.”

The Chainsmokers have been referred to at times as the Nickelback of EDM but they’re still hugely popular, clocking up number ones around the world with their track Closer. They have also just completed a tour of Australia, delivering their tunes to huge audiences around the country.

If you dare, read the full tweet below and also check out the brilliant responses below.

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