Charli XCX Is Sharing Her Self-Quarantine Diary

As many of us begin to practice social distancing in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus, Charli XCX has been sharing a series of short notes logging her self-isolation , in what she’s calling a “quarantine diary.”

“Being a workaholic in quarantine is quite stressful,” opens the singer in the first entry, which makes sense given the prolific artist’s work ethic. She released most recent album Charli last year, and has been touring pretty consistently since – making a stop in Australia earlier this year as part of Laneway Festival.

Charli goes on to explain that she’s been trying to keep busy and creative, but admits she’s starting to feel a bit purposeless.

“I think it’s an important time to take care of yourself mentally – because I don’t know about you but stillness can really push me to the brink. If I don’t have a million things going on, if my brain isn’t buzzing, this pit of doom starts opening up.” A relatable mood, for sure.

Charli goes on to ask questions about the potential shift within the industry as a result of the pandemic, and what the music world might look like through a continued quarantining process for everyone. In a second entry, Charli outlines how her own creative process has been affected in material ways, and wonders how to be creative through a quarantine.

Read both entries via Twitter below.


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