Chasm and Vida Sunshyne, Move

Vida Sunshyne’s voice is the flesh of this album; with Chasm providing a backbone of beats, the end result is a fully functional frankenstein’s miracle of hiphop and reggae fusion. From start to finish the tracks on this album manage to hit all the familiar highs of reggae classics, all the while remaining fresh with their original and modern take.

Opening with a groovy lounge beat instrumental, the album moves on to the made-for-single Where Did We Go Wrong. Vida’s voice on this track is reminiscent of Rita Marley in her heyday and the traditional reggae rhythms slot this one straight into the pop reggae classic lists between My Boy Lollipop and My Mary Janes.

The versatility of this duo is obvious when the former track slides into Reaching, a hiphop track with all the modern trimmings, and then again into The Highest, featuring the prolific Damajah.

Other standout tracks include Stress, with its catchy chorus, and the grimey Move, both tracks featuring Damajah doing guest vocals. This album is full of standout tracks. From reggae classics to dancehall bops and hiphop beats, be sure to check out this duo’s debut album.

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