Check Out This Pic Of Totally Not Undercover Cops At Secret Garden Festival

Secret Garden Festival has celebrated its last hurrah, with the 2019 event being the final one for the much-loved festival. But the festival’s legacy lives on through memehood – in this case, thanks to a bunch of people sticking out like a sore thumb.

Usually, it’s the standard attire of Secret Garden that would stand out – copious amounts of glitter, wild sunglasses and the craziest range of outfits you’ll ever see – but in this case, it’s this bunch of people who look like they’re going birdwatching.

Music Feeds has reached out to NSW Police to confirm whether undercover cops were present at the festival, but they have yet to respond at the time of the writing.

However, NSW Police in previous years have released statements about having undercover police officers on site at Secret Garden. In 2017, they issued a statement that read “both overt and covert officers as well as drug-detection dogs will be on patrol throughout the event so don’t ruin your festival experience with irresponsible behaviour.”

Well, if nothing else, for Halloween this year all you need to be an undercover cop is a Ripcurl shirt, a deadly sneakers & jeans (sneans) combo and a blinding obliviousness to youth culture.

UPDATE 25/02/19 3.55pm: NSW Police have confirmed to Music Feeds that “uniformed and plain clothes police formed part of the police operation” at Secret Garden Festival last weekend.

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