This Cheeky Punter Is Selling Tickets To A Hardstyle Festival With Some Crazy Demands

If you’re not a fan of hardstyle you’re probably not aware that there’s a huge event at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion this weekend called Knockout Circuz, which has been sold-out for weeks and has desperate buyers willing to do anything to nab a ticket.

As inthemix points out, Gumtree is awash with people desperately looking for tickets to the event, while people who have tickets they want to get rid of are taking the chance to make a little cash, chucking on a 200 per cent mark-up in some cases. In addition to bumping up the ticket price, some people are asking for a little more in return.

dr evil gif

One cheeky seller called ‘Alex’ is basically asking for the buyer of his tickets to also be his personal servant for the day. Alex is selling his tickets at face value, but it comes with a catch, because he’s also asking you to agree to come to his house and cook him breakfast, sing him the national anthem and lose to him at Mario Kart.

It doesn’t stop there. You’ll have to be prepared to practice hardstyle dance moves with him and take him to the event. If you’re wary about what sort of person Alex is, don’t worry, because he says he’s “not a sleaze”.

Apparently though, some people haven’t been Alex’s Gumtree post seriously, so he’s posted some updates. “I have recieved numerous responses to this ad, 90% making no mention of the special requirements, listed above,” he writes. “Please be creative with your responses, as I will take this into consideration.”

So, if you really want a ticket to Knockout Circuz, you’ll have to be willing to be a slave for the morning for ‘Alex from Gumtree’. Catch his Gumtree advertisement below to see if you’ve got what it takes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.57.16 pm

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