Cher To Feature On The Wu-Tang Clan’s $5 Million Album

It has been confirmed that queen of the auto-tune Cher has contributed vocals to the Wu-Tang Clan‘s enigmatic, forthcoming, one-of-a-kind album, The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Reports suggest she has laid down vocals for two tracks on the album.

Yesterday, Wu-Tang Clan previewed a snippet of the one-off record, which reportedly has fielded bids of up to $5 million, that was recorded in secret and won’t be made commercially available but will be sold to the highest bidder after a tour through museums and galleries.

The audio was sampled from an unknown track on the album and features prominent member Ghostface Killa and a female voice, that sounded a lot like Cher, singing the lyric, “Wu-Tang, baby. They rock the world.”

Now a representative for the disco diva has confirmed the collaboration to Rolling Stone, noting that although Cher features on the record she didn’t necessarily work with the Wu Tang in person. “She recorded her parts separately, so I don’t believe there was direct interaction,” said the rep.

In the video posted by Forbes, writer Zack O’Malley Greenberg traveled to Marrakesh, Morocco to “become the first civilian” to hear the album when producer Cilvaringz shared with him a snipped of the secret recordings.

According to Cilvaringz, the project has not been embraced by fans. “I’m being crucified by Wu fans everyday. They go for me, and I understand it. It’s understandable. But I really believe in this approach. I think it’s very necessary. I think people are responding to it in a very interesting way.”

The fans’ distain for the record might have something to do with the Clan’s infighting over their other upcoming record, A Better Tomorrow, with Clan leader RZA announcing he has given member Raekwon a 30-day ultimatum to agree to terms for the album’s release.

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