This Childish Gambino & Arctic Monkeys Mashup Is Simply Delicious

There are a few of mashup artists out there who seem to consistently create such incredible, seamless mixes that they simply demand to be listened to.

One genius who undoubtedly fits the category is known simply as ‘oneboredjeu’ and his latest effort, a mashup of ‘Terrified’ from Childish Gambino’s brand new album and ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ from Arctic Monkeys.

Taking Alex Turner’s inimitable vocals from Arctic Monkey’s 2014 track, he intertwines them impossibly well with the soulful instrumental behind Gambino’s ‘Terrified’.

He’s clearly a big fan of Donald Glover, last year mashing up Gambino and Gorillaz to great effect. He also created the most unlikely mashup you may encounter – mixing Mariah Carey with My Chemical Romance.

Check out oneboredjeu’s latest incredible creation below.

Listen: I Wanna Be Terrified – Childish Gambino vs. Arctic Monkeys (Mashup)

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