Chinese Government doesn’t want Bob Dylan

The Chinese Government is still yet to decide whether they want Bob Dylan in the country. Dylan was supposed to play Beijing and Shanghai last year but the shows were cancelled for undisclosed reasons.

Some reports have it that the tour was cancelled due to a financial dispute with a Taiwanese promoter but the promoter says it was actually the Chinese Ministry of Culture that blocked the shows due to thoughts that Dylan would hurt the feelings of the Chinese people during his shows. Very strange indeed.

The Chinese Government has a habit of scrutinising Western acts before they allow them to influence their people and Dylans involvement in the 1960’s protest movement might still be worrying them.

Even if the China shows fall through, Dylan will still be making his way to Asia. Concerts are booked in Hong Kong on April 12th and in Singapore on April 15th. Rumour has is that Dylan will perform in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on April 10th.

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