Chino Moreno-Fronted Outfit Palms Release Debut Album Teaser

A band containing the vocals of Deftones frontman, Chino Moreno, immersed in the instruments of Isis former members was sure to result in one of the most epic soundscapes ever, and judging by an album trailer posted by Palms, the debut effort from the group will not fall short of expectations. The self-titled record will be available Friday, 21st June.

As we heard with the maiden single Patagonia, Palms were pumping a heavily textured atmospheric wall of sound and from the snippet of other tracks that we can now hear, it’s looking like the band didn’t stray too far from that path for the rest of the record. The album trailer is also backed by footage of the sun setting behind palm trees, which seems to be the perfect visual accompaniment.

The potential for such a swelling sonic display was not lost on Moreno who stated:

“A chance to work with the guys from Isis sounded like a lot of fun. I’ve always been into the atmospheric sounds they had created with that project and felt my sense of melody would meld well with theirs.”

The album is available with a number of pre-sale options. Bundles will hook fans up with hoodies, T-shirts and vinyl in a colour of your choice. You can check out all the options here.

(Via Loudwire)

WATCH: Palms’ self-titled debut album teaser

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