Clare Bowditch Pens Open Letter To PM Scott Morrison Over Bungled RAT Rollout

Clare Bowditch has taken to Instagram to air a scathing open letter directed at the Prime Minister Scott Morrison over he and the Liberal Party’s mixed messaging and extremely chaotic rapid antigen test rollout.

It’s been another no good, very bad week for the PM after he insisted that his government would not be providing free RAT’s for the Australian public, leaving it as he said, up to “the private market” as “we just can’t go round and make everything free” despite he and his government subsidising things that really, REALLY  do not need subsidising, like a number of coal mines and priests in schools, among other things.

The lack of government intervention in the rollout has caused significant issues, with the limited supply of RAT’s dwindling, forcing in many instances, for the prices of these essential items to increase.

Bowditch touched on this very issue in her open letter which she posted to Instagram. She detailed the current Covid-positive situation she and her family have currently found themselves in, with “thirteen of us [having] been diagnosed in baton-style since Christmas.”

She specifically criticises the current requirement of returning a negative RAT result on day 6 in order to leave isolation, asking how it is possible to fulfil this requirement when RAT’s are “unavailable [and] unaffordable.”

“You mentioned yesterday that these RATS are of course free and available for people in our situation (covid-positive and close-contacts of those who are covid-positive) yet please remind me again (for those of us who aren’t Prime Ministers) where do we (*ahem*) access these free and available RAT test that you and your DHHS have advised me to engage with on day 6?”

She continued: “Asking your citizens to do things that you have made *actually* impossible in order to access the basic yet fundamental freedoms like the ability to leave our homes and make a living is… disastrously ill-advised, and probably not going to be easily forgotten.”

“In conclusion, what an…utter, utter, shit- show! Free tickets for all!”

Read Bowditch’s open letter in full below.

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