Clean-Up Of ‘Splendour In The Mud’ Expected To Take Weeks

Thousands upon thousands of pairs of gumboots have been left caked with mud this weekend, after rain turned Splendour In The Grass into a quagmire, inspiring the clever, appropriate and totally-never-done-before hashtag of #splendourinthemud.

While the dirty slop of Byron Bay Parklands may have yielded plenty of choice Insta pics, it’s also caused somewhat of a headache for promoters, who are currently trying to figure out exactly how they’re going to turn 40 hectares of dirty sludge back into pristine parklands.

Splendour co-promo­ter Paul Piticco reckons the clean-up effort could stretch on for weeks.

“We put down woodchip and road base, anything to build rafts and walkways through the muddy areas and to lower the risk of slipperiness,” Piticco told The Australian. “We’ve had about 1000 cubic ­metres of those products used over the past few days.”

A screen during Saturday night’s headline performance by Florence + The Machine included the ominous warning “slippery when wet”, but Piticco believes the extra dirt didn’t take the shine off this year’s Splendour.

“The music’s great. So what if there’s two inches of mud underfoot?” he said.

Meanwhile, his partner in crime, co-producer Jessica Ducrou, told the ABC that, while the rain and mud were annoying, punters were determined to keep partying.

“Oh look you know, it has been a challenging, certainly a challenging few days, there was definitely mud, lots of mud, but I think everyone came with the best of intentions,” she said.

“They came for a good time and have been very very good natured about the bad weather and making the best of a situation.”

More than thirty thousand music lovers braved the wet, sloppy conditions to attend this year’s event. And police have largely praised the behaviour of Splendour-goers, despite 92 drug-related arrests and a few incidents involving flares.

Check out some of the muddiest videos and pics from Splendour below, or keep up to date with all of the latest new, reviews and galleries from the festival at our Splendour In The Grass 2015 Feed.

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