Client Liaison Petition Government To Rebrand Virgin As Ansett Australia

Known for their love of classic 80s and 90s Australiana, Client Liaison have turned their attention to the plight of Virgin Australia, which went into voluntary administration this week.

The band are petitioning the Federal Government to bail out the airline, so that the “phoenix” that was Ansett Australia can rise from the ashes.

Ansett ceased operations in 2002, and at the time Virgin was emerging in this country. The latter then took advantage of the air space that Ansett left, and now Client Liaison think “the greatest opportunity in our nation’s history is within reach.”

They’ve launched a petition, targeted at both the government and the administrators. “The administrators now have the power to rebrand and rebuild Virgin Australia into a new airline. So why should that new airline not be Ansett Australia?”

Client Liaison have proposed a three-step plan for the future of Virgin

a) Change your name from Virgin Australia to Ansett Australia

b) Change all company branding to that of Ansett Australia’s I.e uniforms and logos on planes.

c) Honour all frequent flyer points lost by former Ansett Golden Wings Members.

“Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, together we can resurrect Ansett, So please, sign this petition, pressure your local MP and tag your friends in this post.”

Maybe the coronavirus crisis might turn up something positive after all?

Client Liaison paid tribute to the fallen Ansett in their 2018 music video for ‘Foreign Affair’ featuring Tina Arena. Check it out below:

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