Coldplay Touted For Olympics

If you had to choose a band to perform in front of a worldwide audience of billions at one of the biggest events in your city’s history, you would naturally want the band the least likely to offend, provoke or even confuse. The band who will drift by without event. It should come as no surprise then that drippy indie heroes Coldplay are top of the list of bands wanted by Olympic organisers to perform at the opening ceremony at London 2012. They also want them to write the official Olympic song.

The Olympic committee have delegated the task of finding an artist to write the song to arts charity, the Dartington Hall Trust, and it seems they want Chris Martin and Coldplay.

The Daily Mirror (via Spinner) reports on the story, quoting a source as saying, “Chris is at the top of the list to front the official record. He’s a huge star and a British musical icon, with an international profile. We’re pulling out all the stops to get hold of him, ideally with the rest of Coldplay involved, too.

“Coldplay are the biggest stadium rockers in Britain today and their style of anthemic music would be perfect for the Olympics. It needs to be something inspirational. The hope is that they would perform at the opening ceremony, as well as produce a recording of the track, which could help fund good causes in British sport.”

Others in contention to perform at the opening ceremony on July 27 include Joss Stone, Muse and Damon Albarn.





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