Comedian Jim Breuer Feels “Like An Asshole” For His Comments About Brian Johnson And AC/DC

Rumours emerged earlier this month surrounding Brian Johnson‘s departure from AC/DC’s current US tour after he revealed he was suffering hearing loss. Close friend and comedian Jim Breuer commented at the time that Johnson had felt “kicked to the curb” by his bandmates on an episode of his The Metal In Me podcast.

Now on the latest instalment of the podcast, Breuer has revealed that his comments were merely his opinion and not something that Johnson had ever said to him. Breuer revealed his embarrassment at the fact that his comments had gained so much media attention and painted the band members in a negative light. “I apologised… I talked in a conversation, not realising it would be that crazy” he revealed.

He clarified that when he caught up with Johnson in Florida earlier in March, that Johnson had only told him that it was only his doctor that had recommended he stop touring, not anyone from within AC/DC.

On the podcast Breuer added that he “felt like an asshole” for what he had said, and that he felt like he had invaded the band’s privacy by revealing his personal opinion on the situation, which was then attributed to Johnson. “I just felt terrible. But it’s not my right to do that.” he said.

Breuer did go on to say that Johnson was less than happy about the situation, and had revealed to him that he felt like the band “had already hired somebody” to replace him.

The band has announced that the will make up the postponed dates on their current world tour, possibly with a guest vocalist.

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