Commit To Community Radio Campaign Officially Relaunched

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia has officially announced the relaunch of their Commit to Community Radio campaign in the wake of last week’s Commission of Audit, which endorsed the abolition of all federal funding for the Community Broadcasting Program.

The Commission of Audit’s recommendation has put the future of Australian community radio — an essential resource for providing a voice for communities that are otherwise inadequately serviced by the media, such as Indigenous Australians, ethnic communities, and Australian youth — at risk.

As the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia write, there is less than five days to ensure the federal government does not cut funding to community radio in their upcoming budget and are beseeching the public to help show the government how big a mistake cutting funding would be.

To get involved, head over to the Commit to Community Radio site to email Treasurer Joe Hockey, as well as the Communications and Finance Ministers, and call on them to ensure cuts to community broadcasting aren’t included in the federal budget, and forward the link to your friends.

You can also spread the word by adding the Commit to Community Radio email signature to your emails, or getting active on social media over at the Commit to Community Radio Facebook page and sharing the page’s graphics and info to help spread the word that while modest, the federal government’s funding is crucial to community radio’s ongoing operation and development.

Watch: Ryan Shelton Commits To Community Radio

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