Confession Don’t Care If You’re Offended By “Fuck Cancer”

Confession frontman Michael Crafter has defended his band’s use of posters advertising the band’s recent single, Fuck Cancer. Appearing on 3AW’s morning program with Neil Mitchell earlier today, Crafter stressed the importance of the message behind the single’s “offensive” title and lyrics.

“It’s making an impact, it’s making a statement,” said Crafter. “These people are seeing it everyday for the next few days or weeks, and yeah, they may be a bit offended, but they may look at the band, have a look at the film clip, and they’ll read the lyrics and they’ll read about what I’m talking about.”

The frontman stated that any offence caused by the posters pales in comparison to the trials of living with cancer or with someone who is battling the illness, telling Mitchell, “Today, [people] may whinge, tomorrow, they’ll be all good. I wake up tomorrow and both my parents still have cancer.”

Crafter explained that his father is bed-ridden, while his mother is forced to drive his father back forth to medical appointments and treatments whilst battling stage-4 lung cancer herself. The pain of coping with two parents suffering the illness led Crafter to pen the lyrics to the controversial song.

“If I upset a few people, I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta say what I’ve gotta say. I’ve gotta put the lyrics out there that I believe in,” he said. “There’s not much we can do if people are upset. We’ve got to get on with our lives… if they’re offended for a few days, I fully understand why, but at the end of the day it’s a real positive song about a really dark subject that has confronted me in the last few years.”

He also insisted that most fans have responded positively to the song. “Say there’s 200 people offended, maybe there’s 500 people curious about what it is,” he said. “People come to us every night [saying] I had cancer and I bought your shirt or the CD because of what you’re singing about.”

“I have people everyday come up to me at every show telling me they’ve just lost someone, or their friend or a family member just got cancer,” Crafter went on to say. “I feel like we have a real connection with our fan base, because a lot more people are suffering this disease every day.”

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Photos by Ashley Mar

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