Confidence Man Release New Single And Video: ‘Woman’

Confidence Man have dropped a music video for their new single, ‘Woman’. It’s the electro pop act’s second new single of 2022, following January’s ‘Feels Like a Different Thing’.

The video follows singer Janet Planet as she dances her way through the halls, staircases and rooms of house. There’s a party going on, and only women are invited. Planet ends the video on the rooftop, dancing and vaping amid a big gathering of fellow women dancers.

Planet begins the song with a monologue: “I’m a woman of many words, but words do not define me,” she says over a brewing house music groove. “This is my house, the house that I built with my own two hands / And if I so desire I will burn it down.” Before the beat kicks in, she adds, “So don’t call me the spark – I’m the fire and the flame; OK?”

The song’s main hook, which repeats throughout its four and a half minute runtime, goes, “Let me know it’s true / Treat me like a woman / Thank you.”

‘Woman’ and ‘Feels Like a Different Thing’ will appear on Confidence Man’s upcoming second album, Tilt, which is out on Friday, 1st April. It’s the Brisbane band’s first release via the I OH YOU record label. Confidence Man’s debut album, Confident Music For Confident People, came out in 2018. Watch ‘Woman’ below’.

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