Conrad Schnitzler Of Tangerine Dream and Kluster Dies At 74

Conrad Schnitzler, famous for his work with Tangerine Dream and as a founding member of Kluster, has died of stomach cancer at the age of 74.

Schnitzler achieved legendary status in Krautrock circles. A fixture in the Berlin underground scene in the late 60s and early 70s, he enjoyed time in Tangerine Dream for their influential album Electronic Meditation. He formed Kluster, early exponents of industrial music, in 1969, going on to record three albums with them before disbanding in 1971 – albeit with a few attempts at reforming in years afterwards.

He then joined the band Eruption, who also didn’t last too long. Schnitzler remained active recording and touring up until 2010, as Spinner reports.

Before he died, Schnitzler took the novel option of sending samples of his own hair to various places all around the globe as part of the Global Living Project, allowing fans wishing to pay their respects the opportunity to do so in places, including the UK, Japan and Norway.

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