Converse – Are You A Shoe Or A Sneaker?

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Sneakers – wear a pair to the Argyle in The Rocks you might be told, “Next time wear shoes that are more Argyle,” by a dress code enforcer rocking the most ridiculous pair of army boots you’ve ever seen.

However, when the clock strikes midnight you’ll still be shuffling away on the dance floor while high heels fill with blood, unsupportive leather clogs lead to shin splints and heavy-as, ugly-ass boot wearers suck a big fat one.

It’s with this probably-not-quite-so-specific-but-somewhere-in-the-general-vicinity idea in mind that Converse has launched their new ad campaign, which inquires, “Are you a shoe or a sneaker?”

Obviously, if you were actually either you’d be incapable or reading this plug, let alone watching the commercial, but you probably get the gist, provided you’re not a form of footwear.

Although the new sneaker spot is disappointedly Kimbra-free, the ad does suggest that girls will want to have sex with you in front of oranges, so that’s a plus.

Watch: Converse – Shoes are Boring. Wear Sneakers.

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