Corey Taylor Talks New Slipknot Material: “It’s Starting To Feel Like Time”

Corey Taylor has been a busy man lately, collaborating with artists, releasing albums with Stone Sour, writing books, almost everything but buckling down on some new Slipknot, but in a recent interview the frontman has explained that this could change in the near future, declaring that “it’s starting to feel like time”.

Progress with the iconic metal band halted following the death of bassist Paul Gray but now, 3 years on, Taylor suspects 2013 will be the year the Slipknot regain momentum.

Speaking to The Pulse Of Radio, he explains that the band are just as eager as fans to get this happening, but there is no sense of urgency. “I know everybody is pretty keen on getting together and seeing what happens next year, so I mean, if it takes us a year to write an album, so be it,” he says.

Taylor adds that once the wheels are moving, it will be impossible to stop – the trick is just getting them moving:

“The main goal is to just get us in the room and just see what happens, you know. If we can get past that first day, I think it’ll come together. Now that we’re all kind of in better places in our lives and whatnot, it’s making it a little easier to be excited about it again. It’s just starting to feel like its time.”

2008’s All Hope Is Gone was the last original material from the band, so it’s definitely time for a new full-length. Stone Sour seems unable to stop releasing music, dropping House Of Gold & Bones – Part 1 last year and House Of Gold & Bones – Part 2 just last month.

Despite their absence from the recording studio, Slipknot haven’t taken a break from the live scene. The band will be performing at Download Festival next and Belgium’s Graspop Metal Meeting soon after.

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