Corey Taylor Wants To Do A Duet With Justin Bieber

No, we’re not kidding. In what is a late contender for the most unlikely collaboration of the year, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor wants to record a song with Canadian pop superstar and teen icon Justin Bieber.

But before you start wondering how on earth the two could write a song together, the hard work has already been done. NME reports that Taylor’s idea to collaborate with Beiber has come off the back of a viral YouTube mash-up, which saw one fan put Slipknot’s Psychosocial together with Justin Bieber’s hit single Baby.

Since being uploaded last year, the Psychosocial Baby video has had over 12 million hits.

Taylor told Revolver that the mash-up was “so cool”, and that he tried desperately to lure Bieber for an acoustic version of the track recently.

“I know Justin wasn’t responsible for it, but I just thought it was so cool. Everybody thought I’d be pissed about it, but I was blown away… I give him respect. He’s a very talented kid and he goes above and beyond for his fans.

“I was in Baltimore on my book tour and Justin was nearby in Washington, D.C. I tried to get him down to my reading because I wanted to try to do an acoustic version of Psychosocial Baby together. But he was actually visiting children’s hospitals. You can’t say anything bad about a guy who’s visiting children’s hospitals.”

Slipknot are one of the headliners for next year’s Download Festival in the UK in June, but given the rock and metal-based crowd, I doubt Taylor will try and drag Bieber along for a duet on stage – unless they want to get bottled like no other act in history.

Taylor will also be touring Australia with Stone Sour as part of Soundwave 2013 in February and March.

Here is the video in question – the Psychosocial Baby mash-up.

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