Courtney Barnett And Other Local Musicians Launch Campaign To Save Merri Creek Grasslands

Melbourne’s Merri Creek is home to a living natural history museum and ecosystem in the form of the Merri Creek grasslands.

The precious grasslands also house one of Australia’s most musical animals: the head-banging Blue Banded Bee, which bangs its head into flowers 350 times per second in order to obtain pollen.

Now, a group called The Friends of Merri Creek have launched a Pozible campaign to protect the grasslands, and they’ve recruited a heap of local musicians to perform a special one-off show to boost the campaign.

The Blue Banded Bee Band will feature award winning singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, and she’ll be joined by Fraser A. Gorman, Steph Hughes and The Orbweavers to help promote the cause of saving the grasslands.

The campaign will run throughout August, and funds raised will be used to increase wildflower populations to that the Blue Banded Bee can continue to jam out. For more information or to make a donation head to The Friends Of Merri Creek’s Pozible page.

Donation rewards will include tickets to the matinee concert, set to take place at the Northcote Social Club on Saturday, 3rd December. You can also pick up campaign t-shirts and your own wildflower patch by donating.

Check out this video about the Blue Banded Bee.

Help the Blue Banded Bee Rock the Grasslands from Friends Of Merri Creek on Vimeo.

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