Courtney Love ‘Ends’ Hole, Now To Be Known As A Solo Artist

Courtney Love may have officially decided bury her band Hole, which would now mean she is going to be known as a solo artist in all areas of music.

Buzzfeed reports that Hole made the revelations whilst commenting on the Facebook page for author Mark Yarm’s latest book Everybody Loves Our Town, which focuses on the history of grunge music.

Replying to a comment made by a fan, Love wrote: “I do hate doing the oldies though and all the shit I get for calling it Hole so I’m just going to call it Courtney Love and get on with it, because I’m not doing an oldies thing forget it.”

Hole was originally formed in 1989, breaking up officially in 2002. In recent years, Love has got together a new band to play under the band’s name again, and play some of the band’s biggest hits, such as Miss World, Celebrity Skin and Malibu. However, Buzzfeed reckon that the setlist has predominately contained new songs and covers by The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Leonard Cohen, and U2.

It’s the second time Love has gone under a solo moniker – in 2004, she released the album America’s Sweetheart, which was widely seen as a flop. Let’s see how she goes under her own name again, and if she decides to wipe Hole songs from the setlist entirely.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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