Courtney Love ‘I Own Nirvana’

Last week Courtney Love stormed off stage while her band, Hole, were performing at the SWU Festival in Brazil. Love was offended when a fan held up a picture of Kurt Cobain during the show; she than demanded fans chant ‘the Foo Fighters are gay’ before she would return to the stage.

Now an interview with Love that was filmed after the gig has emerged online featuring more rants about Kurt and her hate for Dave Grohl. She even claims to own Nirvana, stating: I wasn’t in Nirvana. However, I do own Nirvana … with my daughter, and because of tax laws I have to give money to his sister, Kim Cobain, and Wendy Cobain (Kurt’s mother).

She also goes into detail about why Foo fighters frontman, Dave Grohl, is pissing her off. She explains while Dave is out there living it up on the back of the Nirvana cash cow, Kurts mother and sister are living below the poverty line.

Love said: Dave makes $5 million a show, he doesn’t need the money. His mother’s a banker, his father’s a stock broker and he’s making $5 million a show. Why the fuck then does he have a Nivana Inc. credit card and I don’t? And last week he bought and Aston Martin on it … My sister-in-law (Kim) is homeless, she lives under the bridge that Kurt sang about. It pisses me off that my mother-in-law- doesn’t have a front door in the winter, her boiler doesn’t work and she has black mold, and Dave bought an Aston Martin last week.

Maybe Love should donate some of her headline fee for the festival to Kurts family..

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