Courtney Love Reckons Most Of Grunge’s Biggest Hits Were Written About Her

It seems that fame (or infamy, depending on your POV) has given Courtney Love something of a god complex.

The grunge kween has talked up the role she played in shaping the iconic flanno-lovin’ genre in the early nineties, and it goes beyond merely putting out tunes with her own band, Hole.

Nope, according to C-Love, she was personally responsible for many of grunge’s biggest hits, on account of them being written about her.

“I listen to Lithium [a show on US radio station Sirius XM], which is like all of the 90’s songs and a lot of them are actually about me, which is interesting,” she told actress Anna Faris in a new episode of her Unqualified podcast (transcribed via Alternative Nation).

“There’s so many Smashing Pumpkins song about me, there’s a Bush song about me,” she continued.

“I remember I used to date this movie star in the 90’s and we were listening to [US radio station] KROQ, and there were like 6 songs in a row, and 5 of them were about me. I told him that and he was like, ‘No they aren’t!’ I was like, ‘Yeah they are! I dated every one of those guys dude!’ He was like, ‘You’re such a slut!’”


And look, you can accuse Courtney of Donald Trump-grade egomania until the cows come home and build a wall between the border of America and Mexico, but she’s probably right.

Some of the other songs we know (or at least highly, highly suspect) were also written about the peroxide princess include Foo Fighters’ I’ll Stick Around, Nine Inch Nails’ Starfuckers Inc., Tori Amos’s Professional Widow, Stone Temple Pilots’ Too Cool Queenie and Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl, and that’s just scratching the surface.

But despite many of those songs being full-on diss tracks, the fact remains that Love could quite legitimately lay claim to being modern music’s single greatest human muse (someone should totally commission a study into this, btw). It’d be enough to give anyone delusions of divine grandeur.

In fact, Love spoke to Faris about this, too, explaining that she feels like a legitimate deity when performing arena shows.

“Last year I toured with Lana Del Ray, after playing a brief stint of playing in 2 to 3,000 seaters. I didn’t really like them, they’re not as fun as 10 to 20,000 seaters,” she said.

“You get a bigger vibe, if you have a messianic complex. I think I’m the messiah, and I want you to drink my Kool-Aid when I’m on stage. A shot of tequila, and I think I’m Jesette [a female Jesus].”

Amen, Courtney. Amen.

During the taping of the podcast, Love also treated Faris and her squeeze Chris Pratt (of Hollywood A-lister Jurassic World/Guardian Of The Galaxy/everyone’s-man-crush-irrespective-of-gender fame) to an acoustic kitchen jam of Hole’s Never Go Hungry.

Check out that footage – alongside the full podcast – below.

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