Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth: “Of Course I’m Nasty, I’m A Black Metal Singer!”

For many years, Dani Filth was the poster boy of the black metal genre, a position that draws praise and copious amounts of criticism. Now, with the latest album Midnight in the Labyrinth on the horizon, Filth took an opportunity in a recent interview to address keyboard warriors who have plagued his and his band’s success.

It seems as though the number one use of the internet is no longer porn, but as a means to effectively sit at the back of the class heckling and poking fun, well out of the way of any serious repercussion. Speaking to The Examiner, Filth delves into his thoughts behind the online hate thrown at him: “Well, the internet is usually the home for people who are just a little bit sad and haven’t really got a proper life. So, you can imagine it being a cesspool of hate and evil. But I guess that’s what ‘true’ black metal is all about – hatred and evil.”

The always-articulate and insightful frontman even explains how fans feel the need to lash out: “Some guy was recently really getting on my nerves because I didn’t sign something for him ages ago. He was drunk and being pushy, and I had already signed four things for him, and he moaned, ‘You’re such a rock star! You’re really nasty!’ And I said, ‘Of course I’m nasty, I’m a black metal singer!’. You really just get nobheads and idiots everywhere.”

Finishing up the topic by conceding that “no self-serving black metal person would be sitting alone at home on the computer – they would be out in the Nordic wasteland eating polar bears!”

Black metal is a totally different animal compared to other forms of metal, with more going into the music than first meets the ears. Filth even submitted an essay explaining the influences behind their new material.

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