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This Crazy Inventor Just Built A ‘Mad Max’-Style Flamethrower Guitar

Written by Tom Williams on May 27, 2016

Ever wanted to have your own flamethrower guitar like the one in Mad Max: Fury Road? You know, this beast of a thing…

mad max fury road flamethrower guitar gif

Well, UK inventor-slash-crazy-man Colin Furze just made his own version of the flaming axe, and it is I N S A N E:

flame thrower guitar gif

Furze’s ridiculous (and ridiculously cool) guitar modification is part of a collaboration with Intel, and was produced “to make even the worst guitarist seem a little bit more rock’n’roll”.

Furze has shared a crazy AF video of the fire-friendly white Les Paul in action, along with a making-of clip to show just how he pulled it off. Catch those videos, below.

Some serious handy work went into the project, which involved the use of Intel’s programmable circuit boards, some blowtorches (of course) and some good-ol’ flammable stuff embedded in the guitar’s amp. Yup.

Earlier this month, Furze also created a bass guitar which emits smoke and has built in strobelights, because why not? The bass features alongside his flamethrower guitar in the demonstration video, below.


Watch: Colin Furze’s Flamethrower Guitar & Smoking Bass

Watch: Colin Furze – Making A Flamethrower Guitar

Watch: Colin Furze – Making A Smoking/Strobing Bass

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