Crowdfunding Campaign Hopes To Bring Foo Fighters To US Town

There are numerous ways to coax a popular rock band into coming to your town. Money is probably the most reliable, but if funds are tight, you can pester members on social media or, as some Foo Fighters fans in the US town of Richmond, Virginia did, you can launch a crowdfunding campaign.

As SPIN reports, a campaign on the crowdfunding site Crowdhoster has raised almost $8,500 in order to help bring the superstar band back to the town where frontman Dave Grohl grew up. If the campaign is successful, the concert will be the band’s first in Richmond in over 15 years.

“We’re just a few friends and fans looking to make this happen,” Andrew Goldin, who organised the campaign with fellow RVA locals Brig White, John McAdorey, and Lucas Krost, told SPIN. He was enthusiastic about their prospects, saying, “Came up with the idea and thought it would be a blast to try. The band seems to have so much fun with themselves that we really think it may happen.”

Organisers hope to sell 1,400 tickets to a concert they’re hoping will happen, according to their campaign video, “somewhere in Richmond at some point in 2014.” Of course their campaign comes with the rather sizeable caveat that the band itself is in no way involved or very likely aware.

“We have reason to believe they know about it at this point,” Goldin said. “We haven’t been shut down, so that’s a good sign, right?” The campaign’s target is $70,000, or $50 per backer, with all funds refunded if unsuccessful. Presently, no statement has been released from the Foos camp.

Watch: “Help Bring Foo Fighters Back to RVA”

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