Cub Sport Are Performing Their ‘LIKE NIRVANA’ Album Live & In Full On Youtube

Cub Sport’s Like Nirvana has been out in the world for two weeks now. It’s seen them debut at #2 on the ARIA Charts, which is pretty huge when T Swift’s folklore was the one to beat it out.

Now, the Brisbane angels are blessing us with a premiere of the album LIVE. It’s gonna premiere on Sunday, 23rd August via Youtube. Aaaand they reckon they’re gonna play all of Like Nirvana, from start to finish. Huge.

The livestream event is free, but Cub Sport are urging fans to donate to Black Rainbow via Youtube’s new ‘Super Chat’ monetisation feature.

Black Rainbow is a 100 per cent Indigenous owned operated, non-profit social enterprise that advocates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, and intersex people on a national level.

Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson says, “Bringing LIKE NIRVANA to life in the live setting feels like magic. When we shot this performance, I could feel that connectedness, that ‘in the zone’ feeling from shows that I’d been missing so much. I’m excited for viewers to experience that feeling too.”

Catch the premiere link below and psych yourself up for the performance with our interview with Tim Nelson.

Cub Sport LIKE NIRVANA Live Album Performance

Premiering via Youtube

Sunday, 23rd August

8pm Brisbane

7pm Tokyo

12pm Paris

11am London

6am NYC

3am LA

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