Daniel Johns Announces Debut Solo Album ‘Talk’, Shares New Single ‘Cool On Fire’

Not long after his first solo EP Aerial Love was released, Daniel Johns has announced the arrival of his first full length solo album Talk, and has shared another single Cool On Fire.

We will be able to get our hands on the solo album on Friday May 22nd. Daniels Johns will then launch Talk live when plays two special shows at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on May 28th and 29th as part of Vivid LIVE.

First though, fans can get another taste of his new solo musical direction in the form of new single Cool On Fire. The uptempo single is another collaboration between Johns and Lorde/Jarryd James producer Joel Little.

It’s been about eight years since we’ve heard a musical peep out of the Silverchair frontman, and a listen to his latest EP shows a huge shift in sonic direction from heavy guitars to lush R’n’B. “Music’s the best way I know to express how I think and feel,” explains Johns, “but over time you don’t think and feel all the same things in the same ways so the music has to change.”

Speaking recently, Johns said he had already written enough new material for a double album, but decided to release a taster EP first before unveiling the debut. The marked change in style certainly got people talking, but Johns says it’s nothing he’s not already used to.

“What’s funny is that when Silverchair released Frogstomp most people went out of the way to tell me how much it sucked. Then when we made Diorama a few years later everyone started telling me how I should go back to making Frogstomp. I guess now I’ll be told to go back and make Diorama again!”

“That was part of why I picked the album title too by the way. I don’t really care what most people think. Let them talk.”

Listen: Daniel Johns – Cool On Fire

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